We are open Tues to Sat, Noon – 5 – You can call  beforehand to shop at another time. 1 person in the store at a time.
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Take A Walk On The Wildside™
Located at 161 Gerrard St. East, Toronto M5A 2E4

In business since 1987 – WWW.SHOPWILDSIDE.COM  and also www.wildside.org

Since 1987 – We make Women’s clothing designed to fit tall women and men at Take A Walk On The Wildside in Toronto. People love our clothes and large size high heels too!  We have one-stop shopping for your whole body – clip-on earrings, we sell Pleaser Shoes in Canada in Toronto – large size women’s  wide width ladies shoes and boots to size 17, wigs, jewelry, clip-on earrings, makeup, corsets, lingerie, gloves, costumes, books and magazines. We supply all kinds of high quality silicone breastforms made in the USA in our store in Toronto. We carry corsets and waist cinchers, hip pads, dvds and Sandy Thomas books (call for titles), stockings and pantyhose, skirts, blouses, dresses, and fetish wear and lots of other things too.

On your credit card your Charges appear as The Toronto CDC

Take a look at our online catalog at www.Shopwildside.com Pick out what you would like then order online or call me or just drop by to come to pick it up. You can browse when you’re here but we need to start somewhere – online you can check the size, type, style, color and price of the item you want so you know. I offer helpful kind personal assistance. You can shop after hours too – whatever time suits you! Call Anytime. 416-921-6112, 1-800-260-0102, cell 647-226-8857

You may also check out www.wildside.org   for makeovers and transformations

Shop Wildside 161 Gerrard St East Toronto M5A 2E4


Toronto CDC appears on your credit card statement
Take A Walk On The Wildside strives to provide an efficient, secure and personalized order, pickup and delivery service – Many of our customers we’ve had for 25 years! A happy customer we hope, will stay with us indefinitely. To this end we try to provide a wide range of products at reasonable prices. We’re grateful for your business.
We ship in a plain brown paper package with the name Paddy Aldridge and the return address of 161 Gerrard St. East Toronto M5A 2E4 on the return address label. If you don’t want the package delivered to your house check off where it says “Leave at (Your) Post Office for Pickup”
We use Converge and PayPal for processing your credit card orders so you can use your card with confidence in a secure internet environment. Converge is one of the largest and most trusted credit card processors on the internet.

Cardholder Authentication: Verified By Visa and MasterCard? SecureCode™
The number one reason shoppers do not make purchases online is because they have concerns about security. And the biggest frustration for Internet businesses has been the risk of chargebacks if a shopper were to tell their issuer that they did not authorize an internet purchase with their credit card. Visa and Mastercard each now support a global e-commerce solution that enables cardholders to authenticate themselves to their issuer through the use of a unique personal code. Visa’s program is known as Verified By Visa. Mastercard’s program is known as SecureCode™. Cardholders who have a Visa or MasterCard from by an Issuer participating in these programs will be presented an additional window hosted by their Card Issuer. If they have already established a password for their particular card, they will be prompted to simply enter that password to authenticate themselves before the transaction is submitted for authorization. If a customer holding a participating card has not yet established their password, they will be prompted through simple steps to do so. Cardholders enjoy peace of mind knowing that no one else has access to their password (it is not recorded on any cardholder statements nor are they visible on the plastic).

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