Privacy Policy

When you communicate with us electronically over the internet either to ask questions or order from our online catalogue you are specifically and knowingly providing us with information that identifies you. I wish to assure you that we completely respect your need for privacy and will keep entirely confidential any information you share with us.

We will never exchange your personal information with anyone without your explicit written consent – and that means anyone.

We have your order and will need to send it to you so we have your complete email and mailing addresses. In some cases we talk with you on the phone but we do not make a note of the telephone number you are calling from via call display. If you wish us to call you back and make your number known to us you do that knowingly and specifically. We will keep that information confidential.

With Converge and this new web site, we will not know what your credit card information is. You are protected.

Only what you do on this website is subject to our privacy policy. If you enter another website through a link from this site, you are not covered by this privacy policy. The new site may or may not have their own privacy policy.

When you order from us….

Cardholder Authentication:
Verified By Visa and MasterCard? SecureCode™
The number one reason shoppers do not make purchases online is because they have concerns about security. And the biggest frustration for Internet businesses has been the risk of chargebacks if a shopper were to tell their issuer that they did not authorize an internet purchase with their credit card.

Visa and Mastercard each now support a global e-commerce solution that enables cardholders to authenticate themselves to their issuer through the use of a unique personal code. Visa’s program is known as Verified By Visa. Mastercard’s program is known as SecureCode™. Cardholders who have a Visa or MasterCard from by an Issuer participating in these programs will be presented an additional window hosted by their Card Issuer. If they have already established a password for their particular card, they will be prompted to simply enter that password to authenticate themselves before the transaction is submitted for authorization. If a customer holding a participating card has not yet established their password, they will be prompted through simple steps to do so. Cardholders enjoy peace of mind knowing that no one else has access to their password (it is not recorded on any cardholder statements nor are they visible on the plastic).